Isaias still a tropical storm as it approaches the Florida coast overnight

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Isaias weakened to tropical storm strength as it encountered wind shear and dry air this afternoon with at 70 mph. Isaias still has a small window to restrengthen to a hurricane overnight and tomorrow as it moves over the warm Gulf Stream waters.

Isaias is continuing on its NW course, but is expected to slow down even more within the next 36 hours to between 6 and 8 kt. The storm has become very lopsided in nature as the dry air has filtered in from the southeast. This has pushed most of the activity to the northern part of the storm.

More models are now favoring a possible landfall along the east-central Florida Coast in 24 hours. Isaias is expected to weaken again Monday as it hits more wind shear and interacts with land.

There will be no impact to the Gulf Coast.

Tropical Depression 10 off the coast of Africa has dissipated to a remnant low tonight and is very poorly organized. Another invest we are watching 500 miles east of the Leeward Islands has a 30% chance of development within 2 days and 60% within 5 days. The conditions with be favorable for development in the next couple days but it is expected to move NW and then N over the Western Atlantic and poses no threat to the Gulf Coast currently.

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