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  • 2 Florida resorts agree to pay $325K for PPP fraud, settle with Department of Justice March 21, 2023
    Two Florida resort companies have settled with the U.S. Department of Justice and agreed to pay a $325,000 settlement over a fraudulent PPP forgiveness application.
    Sam Sachs
  • Why getting a COVID vaccine in the nose might work better March 19, 2023
    Scientists are hopeful a new type of vaccine in development could give us a better shot of fighting COVID-19, without involving any type of shot at all.
    Alix Martichoux
  • New study cites Wuhan raccoon dogs as possible origin of COVID-19 March 17, 2023
    A new analysis of genetic information conducted by an international group of researchers has found evidence to suggest that COVID-19 originated from infected animals sold at a market in Wuhan.
    Joseph Choi
  • 1 in 4 parents lied about child's COVID status, study says March 7, 2023
    A recent nationwide survey co-conducted by University of Utah Health researchers found that about a quarter of parents misrepresented their child's COVID-19 status or didn't adhere to COVID-related guidelines during the pandemic.
    Derick Fox
  • Is the pandemic over? March 5, 2023
    When the pandemic started is easier to determine than when it will end.
    Alix Martichoux
  • Five takeaways from the big COVID-19 'lab leak' story February 28, 2023
    The tangled story of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a new twist. On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Department of Energy had shifted its position, now holding that the most likely source of the virus was a laboratory mishap, presumably in Wuhan, China — the so-called “lab leak theory.” […]
    Niall Stanage
  • COVID likely the result of a lab leak in China, Energy Department says February 26, 2023
    Scientists have largely agreed the virus is the result of animal spillover, but policymakers have disagreed.
    Stephanie Whiteside
  • Have the odds of getting long COVID changed? February 24, 2023
    Nearly three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we've learned a lot about the virus, and have developed vaccines and antiviral treatments that make the prospect of contracting the virus less deadly for most people. But one aspect of the virus that remains frustratingly mysterious, and scary to many, is the range of outcomes called "long […]
    Alix Martichoux

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