Cory Willis

    I have called Pensacola home since I arrived here in the summer of 2015.  And in all this time I have really come to love the charm and fun of the Gulf Coast.

    My time in radio stretches all the way back to when cell phones were enormous and getting on the internet required that you listen to that screeching sound.  I’m talking about the 90’s of course!  I began working part time for WGNI in Wilmington, NC when I was in college in 1997 and I enjoyed it so much that I switched majors from theater to communication studies…much to my Mom and Dad’s relief!

    Since then it’s been a bit of a roller coaster!  Like that lyric in the WKRP theme song I’ve been, “town to town, up and down the dial.” Except in my case you need to throw a couple of Caribbean islands in the mix.  I have lived in the Cayman Islands, St. Thomas in the USVI, Atlanta, GA, Charleston, WV and now here.  Pretty cool for a small town boy who hails from Hickory, NC.

    While not on the air I am the one responsible for the producing and loading of the many commercials you hear on Jet 100.7. So if you enjoy the commercials you have me to thank for them.  And if you don’t enjoy them please blame it on one of our part timers!

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